Sunday, April 8, 2007


Here we have a pair of socks OTN, for DH (of the big, wide feet.....). I'm up to starting the gusset flap. It will be under the foot, since these are toe-up. The yarn is Lang Jawoll color, and its striping up in a way you would never expect looking at the ball. It came with these cute little spools of reinforcement that are dyed to exactly match the stripes. As you can see, I didn't realize it and didn't bother to line it all up when I did the toes -- hence the shadows of colors. And thats the real dilemma now. How should I proceed with the gusset?

What would you do? Would you bother to line up the matching reinforcement that Lang included? Or would you just add it and go?

All opinions welcome!

Of course, I also didn't bother to line up the start points on the socks either....

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Really old UFO

Found these hiding with my Passover stuff. They were made WAY BACK WHEN, i.e. before children. Since oldest son is now 11.5, that means they probably date from spring 1994. This is confirmed by the label, which has a date of 3/94. Isn't is frightening what you find when you go stash diving? And how far back that stash dates?

This first picture is a matza cover. We have used it for the last 10 years or so, just once or twice a year, for Shabbos. The ends have been hanging, and I never got around to blocking it. So in a fit of efficiency, guess what I did today?

The final blocked size is 22"x20". Just love my blocking board! Good thing I knit all those lace shawls, I sure have plenty of T-pins around.

And then, while stash diving for the original ball of crochet cotton, this turned up -- its to be a bag to put the afikomen in during Seder. Since we've never hosted the seder, it has remained in an unfinished state..... My plans are to finish those two side seams tomorrow, and then have a totally finished object!

Finally, here's a little blue sock pin I made for Stitches 2004. Its knit in size 8 perle cotton on size 0000 (1.25 mm) knitting needles. It has my standard seamless short row toe and a short row heel as well. Its just a miniature version of the socks I usually make. A blue sock is the symbol used to identify other members of the KnitList.