Monday, November 17, 2008

Spinning and knitting

So, another month has passed. It was a busy month, with a fabulous trip to Rhinebeck! It was such a fun day. Busy too. But I wasn't nearly as exhausted the next day as I was last year. All the exercise and weight loss has paid off!

The "haul" from Rhinebeck included a big purchase -- a brand-new Lendrum DT complete. I came home from Rhinebeck and started spinning that evening. This wheel is wonderful. It took less than 10 minutes to unpack, set-up, and get spinning. Not that I'd ever spun on a wheel before. But its not hard! I started with some pencil roving left from my semi-successful attempts with the drop spindle, and had a hank of yarn (about 180 yards) in less than 4 days. Not that I've done anything with that yet....

Next on the wheel has been some green/blue blend I bought at Rhinebeck. Its just a giant carded batt, and I don't know if I'm handling the fiber quite right. But I'm forging ahead with it, and will hopefully end up with some fingering to sport weight yarn. I'm just going to 2-ply it to make it go further. There were 4 oz. total, and I probably have about 1/4 of it left, maybe a bit less. I can't spin when I'm tired, so I don't get to it as often as I'd like. Maybe tonight, when DH is out teaching, I'll have some quiet time!

So, on a good day, I'm down 25 pounds. I can't believe it myself. Had to go buy new everything, and I am really enjoying looking thin again! 10 more to go, and they are going to be tough. Must stick to the plan, but the carbs do call. I wish they would stay quiet until later in the day, when I can eat them and enjoy them.

No SOAB package yet, although the one I sent was well received. Its fun stalking people for these swaps. A Chanukah one is starting now, also on Ravelry, but there is very little to no information out there about my spoilee. I hope she starts to post a bit more.

Maybe I'll have some finished green handspun to show off on the next post!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hello, dear Spoiler!

Okay, I have no idea what I was going to write in my next blog post. It was probably something important, but so much time has passed, and we celebrated DS#1's Bar Mitzvah in-between. So, sorry if you have been waiting in suspense!

This blog post is to my new Spoiler from the Swap on a Budget group over on Ravelry. The names just went out last night, so I'm guessing you will be watching me closely. First, let me assure you, I am so thrilled that anyone is thinking about me, that alone will make me happy to get anything you fling into a box. Let's face it, as the stay-at-home mommy, most of my life consists of thinking about everyone else, and there aren't a whole lot of moments when people are thinking of me.

Next, I'm an eclectic knitter. I can be counted on to have a pair of socks OTN at any time. (I suppose it would be good if I would finish those Snicket Socks I started almost a year ago. Boy, have I ignored those!) I must have made 10 pair or more in the last year. My sock yarn stash is quite impressive, but that still doesn't stop me from acquiring more.

I can also be counted on to have a lace project OTN too. Right now, I have 3 going, one in Morehouse Merino, one in Malabrigo lace, and one in a cotton/silk blend. I have cones of all different sorts of yarn I bought at discount from a local commercial knitting company, but for some reason, I never seem to have quite the right lace yarn. Zephyr is still a favorite, its so reliable. And I adore the wool/silk blend. Someone needs to give me a push so I get back onto the lace knitting, its been quite abandoned lately.

Let's see, what else should you know? I'm working very, very hard to lose weight. Lost over 20 pounds this summer by exercising really hard for about an hour each day (which really eats into the knitting time!) and shutting my mouth. I eliminated most of the carbs in my meals, except for one meal a day. But chocolate doesn't count! Thats one of my little treats throughout the day. I really love chocolate with nuts in it, and it has the added benefit of keeping me from doing harm to the kids. I've been sort of stuck for about a month now, and have to get a bit firmer with myself. I have about 12-15 pounds more to go to reach the number the doctor and I agreed on. Its a tough battle.

Next week is Rhinebeck. I've been looking forward to it for the last year. Had so much fun last year. This time, we are going to stay and go to the Ravelry party afterward, which is just going to be awesome. Last year's acquisitions had a lot of sock yarn and the jumbo ball winder. This year, I find myself contemplating spinning. I'm a terrible, inexperienced spinner right now, but I did pull out my drop spindle (a clunky Ashford bottom whorl) and give it another try last weekend. I have pencil roving, since I can't draft well at all. This year, a new drop spindle will probably come home, along with an assortment of roving, and I'm seriously pondering buying a wheel. Not a cheap item! I want to try as many as I can up at Rhinebeck, and then I'll probably order one. (Because I have nothing better to spend money on with the current economic crises, LOL!)

Must go knit something now -- probably the plain vanilla socks DS#2 requested. At least all that stockinette -- he didn't want any ribbing -- goes very fast in the round.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So, lets grab some pictures! Lets see....

This is my finished iPod cover for my lovely little new green nano. Its my daily companion when I exercise. Thankfully, some of those MIA podcasters have come back, so I have something to listen to. I'm a bit bummed - I seem to have plateaued in my weight. So, I've upped my exercise a bit (dang pains go from my ankles to my knees when I walked, I've gone back to the stationary bike for the last 2 days), and cut my food. Being hungry is good, right?

Anyway, now I can see the iPod screen, but have a nice secure hook keeping it attached to me and all. And see how nicely I've learned how to blanket stitch! Thanks, Lisa!

What else should I show you? Hmm. How about the headcovering I made for myself? Don't you just love the swirl? And the shiny white beads and the clear silver lined beads have so much sparkle in real life.

The dress for the Bar Mitzvah is white and shiny silver, with beads around the neck and under the bustline. This should work well, it picks up the colors nicely.

My friend SRZ called this week. He offered to buy me yarn while on vacation, but the shop's online system only had fabric, so I couldn't tell him anything. Its just as well - my yarn and projects-in-my-head are far exceeding my actual ability to knit anything. Anyway, he then told me I still owe him a project - to which I replied, "They are done!" I think I shocked him. Anyway, if he's looking, here's a picture of them still in progress. I think you can get the idea.

Thats enough for now. Keep your eyes here, I've got something good coming, you may want in!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Again, with no pictures. I'm feeling lazy.

Its been a totally busy summer so far. I'm making progress on the head coverings for the Bar Mitzvah of DS #1, perhaps not as many as I intended, but they are moving along. I blocked out 14 of them last night (that was all the small plastic bowls we had), and this weekend I'll do the remaining dozen or so. Then, its on to weaving in ends (bad me!) and sewing on combs.

All the dieting and exercising is going well. I'm down 15 pounds!!! 20 more to go to get to the level of the government's chart, but a little at a time. But what is with all the podcasters? Their podcasts are the only way I can get through those 40 minutes of exercise each morning, and they all seem to have gone on vacation at the same time! I don't know what I'll listen to tomorrow morning. So, come on David and Brenda and Marly -- give me some new podcasts to listen to!

Did some knitting up at Boy Scout camp again. Two exciting nights and 3 days of fun in the back woods. Really not so terrible. Those Handsome Devil socks for DFIL are slow going though. Probably only did 1.5 inches in 2 days of constant work. Two-socks-on-one-circ with 4 yarns hanging off just is messy and tangly. I would move it all to dpns, but the dpns in the correct size are being held hostage by the long-neglected Snicket socks. I thought there was a second set of that size floating around, but they must be in some other UFO. And its not like I'm going to finish them by midnight tonight, the deadline to enter the six sox knitalong. Hey, new sock coming out tomorrow!

Tomorrow's quick project is going to be a felted case for my new iPod Nano. In green, of course. Not sure what I'll do for a clip just yet, but I can't seem to find a pre-made case that does what I want it to do, at least at a price I'm willing to pay. That clear vinyl I bought a few years ago is getting some good use.

Maybe those pictures I promised will appear later this week....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ravelry Camping

Wow, we are all totally exhausted here. This weekend we went off to High Point State Park here in NJ for a Ravelry Campout!!!! The weekend was organized by Knitthatpuppy (aka Kathleen) and there were at least 7 Ravelers there. We dyed yarn with Kool Aid, knit, and everyone seemed to enjoy using my swift and winder.

The pictures are lurking in the camera, and I'm just too tired right now to get them off. Tomorrow.

Its going to be good to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Monday, May 12, 2008


So, I'm a bad blogger. I never could keep a diary either. And I have been documenting my projects -- over at Ravelry, of course.

The knitting is getting overwhelming. I have so much I either want to make, have to make, or have started but not finished. I'll list them here, public admission of WIP always helps me move them along:

WIP: The Snicket socks I started last November, before the trip to Puerto Rico. The first sock is all the way up the leg, the second is only a few inches above the ankle. Once the knitting is done on these, I want to re-dye the top 2 sections so there is more contrast. I even bought more of the Wilton dye to do this. Now if I could only work on the knitting part.....

WIP: The rainbow-toed socks for SRZ. I'm past the rainbow part on both, but not quite at the heel turn. I must make a note of the proper foot length and then just get knitting. Time to pull out Charlene Schurch's chart.

WIP: Butterflies 'n Bees for the Six Sox KAL. Turned the heel yesterday, and have a few more rounds to work off the gusset sts. Then its just a matter of deciding how long the leg will be before I make butterflies. Working 2 on a size 0 circular - great way to do this pattern. Bought a whole bunch of the fixed length Options last week when I discovered I didn't have the right size for these (had a huge urge to make them 2 on one circ that wouldn't go away. The class at the LYS went well though).

Queued: A whole lot of women's headcoverings. Worked out a new design over the weekend. Needs some refining, but will look very nice. Haven't figured out where to put the comb yet....

Queued: The Goddess Anniversary Mystery shawl - in the Letttuce Malabrigo Laceweight. Will start in late June.

Queued: The Mystic Meadows shawl - need to sign up and send my money. ** Note: I finished Mystic Light, but Mystic Water is just sitting around undone. **

"Resting" - The Alison shawl. The yarn is just a pain in the neck with the 3 different types all spooling out at different tensions. Its about 2/3rd's done, will probably come out again this summer.

Also queued - a whole lot of socks. Can I go up to Rhinebeck and buy more if I haven't used almost anything that I bought last year? (Love, love, love that Jamie Harmon yarn!)