Sunday, August 19, 2007

MS3 Finished!!!!

Done! Done! Done!

All knitted, washed, and now blocked! The MS3 just needs to dry, and then its ready to be worn. (And if NJ stays as cold as it did today, I'm going to wear it very soon....)

I didn't get to start it on Friday when the last clue was released, since we were away. I printed the clue Friday evening, but was just too exhausted. But I've been working steadily all day today (Sunday), and finished the knitting this afternoon. After snapping this quick picture

the stole was off for a nice wool wash bath and then up to the blocking board. It took a while to string the blocking wires - here it is when I paused for dinner.

And now its all done. Pinned, stretched to 22" x 80", and clearly exceeding the 48" of my blocking board.

A bit of the detail at the ends of the "feathers"

If I'm going to continue making these large lace projects, I'm either going to have to get some sort of extension for the blocking board, or at least find a solid colored sheet so the photos look better.

Its a bit strange looking - seems more like a lace "knife" than a stole. I'll have to get used to it, I guess. I did get up this morning and made this shawl pin to go with the "Swan Lake" theme of the MS3.

Its the copper wire I use in my stained glass work. I twisted 2 strands, shaped them to my pencil drawing (I did my research with Audubon pictures), and then lightly hammered the wire. I also added an eye using my stained glass solder - not only does it make an eye and add a contrasting color, it also covers the rough edges of the wire ends. I also made a "feather" stick to complete it. The stick may be a bit long - I'll have to try it out once the shawl dries.

So, where does that leave me? I now have no big project going. I'll probably finish my bright-striped Regia socks now, all they need is a picot bind-off on the second sock, and then to weave the ends. I've already started my I Love Gansey socks. Some more sock yarn came this past week - I'm going to make some socks to gift to someone who always has cold feet. And my Michelle's shawl is at least half done, and perfect for working on when I exercise on the bicycle. No major projects........ I hope some sort of inspiration comes along soon.


gudrun said...

from Germany

Your beautiful Swanlake
looks like a twin to mine ...
hugs gudrun

shortoldlady said...

Lovely work! Yes, it's cold and damp here in Ocean county. Wear your stole with pride - fantastic job!

Nautical Knitter said...

Your stole is beautiful.

Arianwen said...

Your stole looks very similar to mine, it really is a strange shape until it is blocked. I love your pin - a photo with the two together would be very nice!

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Your stole is gorgeous. Same color as mine, except I used black beads. It's all blocked just gotta get a picture. Your encouragement about knitting out of Victorian Lace Today is very comforting and well encouraging.