Monday, May 12, 2008


So, I'm a bad blogger. I never could keep a diary either. And I have been documenting my projects -- over at Ravelry, of course.

The knitting is getting overwhelming. I have so much I either want to make, have to make, or have started but not finished. I'll list them here, public admission of WIP always helps me move them along:

WIP: The Snicket socks I started last November, before the trip to Puerto Rico. The first sock is all the way up the leg, the second is only a few inches above the ankle. Once the knitting is done on these, I want to re-dye the top 2 sections so there is more contrast. I even bought more of the Wilton dye to do this. Now if I could only work on the knitting part.....

WIP: The rainbow-toed socks for SRZ. I'm past the rainbow part on both, but not quite at the heel turn. I must make a note of the proper foot length and then just get knitting. Time to pull out Charlene Schurch's chart.

WIP: Butterflies 'n Bees for the Six Sox KAL. Turned the heel yesterday, and have a few more rounds to work off the gusset sts. Then its just a matter of deciding how long the leg will be before I make butterflies. Working 2 on a size 0 circular - great way to do this pattern. Bought a whole bunch of the fixed length Options last week when I discovered I didn't have the right size for these (had a huge urge to make them 2 on one circ that wouldn't go away. The class at the LYS went well though).

Queued: A whole lot of women's headcoverings. Worked out a new design over the weekend. Needs some refining, but will look very nice. Haven't figured out where to put the comb yet....

Queued: The Goddess Anniversary Mystery shawl - in the Letttuce Malabrigo Laceweight. Will start in late June.

Queued: The Mystic Meadows shawl - need to sign up and send my money. ** Note: I finished Mystic Light, but Mystic Water is just sitting around undone. **

"Resting" - The Alison shawl. The yarn is just a pain in the neck with the 3 different types all spooling out at different tensions. Its about 2/3rd's done, will probably come out again this summer.

Also queued - a whole lot of socks. Can I go up to Rhinebeck and buy more if I haven't used almost anything that I bought last year? (Love, love, love that Jamie Harmon yarn!)


Zan said...

Wow! Seems like you and I are stretching the word "queued" to its limits, huh? lol

I completely relate to your situation though: I am almost done with one project, have 2 more ongoing, but can't stop my brain from looking ahead, making sure I have stuff to do... In the end, I might run out of family and friends to surprise and will turn to charities.

Happy needlework!

AlisonH said...

Wow have you got a lot going on at once! Best of luck with the bar mitzvah and knitting both.