Monday, November 17, 2008

Spinning and knitting

So, another month has passed. It was a busy month, with a fabulous trip to Rhinebeck! It was such a fun day. Busy too. But I wasn't nearly as exhausted the next day as I was last year. All the exercise and weight loss has paid off!

The "haul" from Rhinebeck included a big purchase -- a brand-new Lendrum DT complete. I came home from Rhinebeck and started spinning that evening. This wheel is wonderful. It took less than 10 minutes to unpack, set-up, and get spinning. Not that I'd ever spun on a wheel before. But its not hard! I started with some pencil roving left from my semi-successful attempts with the drop spindle, and had a hank of yarn (about 180 yards) in less than 4 days. Not that I've done anything with that yet....

Next on the wheel has been some green/blue blend I bought at Rhinebeck. Its just a giant carded batt, and I don't know if I'm handling the fiber quite right. But I'm forging ahead with it, and will hopefully end up with some fingering to sport weight yarn. I'm just going to 2-ply it to make it go further. There were 4 oz. total, and I probably have about 1/4 of it left, maybe a bit less. I can't spin when I'm tired, so I don't get to it as often as I'd like. Maybe tonight, when DH is out teaching, I'll have some quiet time!

So, on a good day, I'm down 25 pounds. I can't believe it myself. Had to go buy new everything, and I am really enjoying looking thin again! 10 more to go, and they are going to be tough. Must stick to the plan, but the carbs do call. I wish they would stay quiet until later in the day, when I can eat them and enjoy them.

No SOAB package yet, although the one I sent was well received. Its fun stalking people for these swaps. A Chanukah one is starting now, also on Ravelry, but there is very little to no information out there about my spoilee. I hope she starts to post a bit more.

Maybe I'll have some finished green handspun to show off on the next post!

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Lupie said...

Glad to see you joined The Lesser Known Skeins. There are many great blogs from all over the world. I will visit your blog and comment often.