Friday, June 1, 2007

New socks

So, June 1 has come, and there is a new pattern on the Six Sock Knitalong. Its lace, based on the Melon Shawl in VLT. Do I need a lace sock. Not really, but I did sign up for the knitalong. Besides, the Moc Croc's are nearly done. See---

I've turned both heels (Short-rows this time, thank you very much), tapered out the design on the instep, and now its just plain stockinette until the toes.

So, what do I use for the new socks? There is plenty in the stash, of course. The pattern calls for Knitpicks Dye-your-own, but the 4 skeins lurking in the stash are all from before they came out with so many different choices. So, thats not superwash, nor does it have any nylon in it. Now, I may be willing to handknit the socks, but no way will I handwash them. Do I place that order that's been lurking in my cart?

Or, perhaps the Lorna's Laces that I got as a gift. Its pinks and purples, but that might be too much contrast for the lace pattern. It needs something less stripey, more subdued. The Austermann Step was considered, but again, its stripey. I also have the heathered gray/blue trekking from the Horcrux socks. 75 grams are left, and considering its a lace pattern, that should be more than enough. I've also spent the afternoon toying with the idea of a trip to the LYS.

Too many choices, yes? Any votes?

And here is something else I've been playing around with. I saw this on someone's blog, and it was so clever and cheap. The point covers are vinyl caps for screws, a pair is less than $1 at the hardware store. Add some of the many beads I've collected, and put it on the stretchy clear elastic beading cord (no, I don't remember buying that, but I had a brand new roll in my beading stuff). Voila - no more sock needle points sticking through the bag!


AlisonH said...

Oh, cool! Thanks for the idea!

N. Maria said...

Thank you so much for posting about the vinyl caps! I was trying to describe what I needed but didn't have the correct words! I have a roll of that elastic, too!
You are very clever and your knitting is beautiful to read and see.