Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Finished Horcrux!

Just finished these -- 2 minutes before midnight on Monday, so its officially a one week project! I started these last Tuesday afternoon.

Wanted to get some pictures up. I'll probably add more about them tomorrow morning.....

These are the Horcrux socks from the Six Sock Knitalong on Yahoo Groups. The lace part, which is very hard to photograph, is a zig-zag pattern that mimics the scar on Harry Potter's head. Speculation is that the scar contains a part of Lord Voldemort's soul (known as a Horcrux) - only time will tell, book 7 is released at 12:01 on July 21. I imagine I'll be wearing these socks for the release party at our local library, despite what will probably be 90 degree heat and high humidity in the height of summer here in NJ.

They are in blue & silver, which are the Ravenclaw house colors. I've been sorted there at least twice. Blue is Fortissima Socka, grey is Trekking, and there is a DMC silver thread carried along in the lace part, giving it some sparkle.

And this is the darn Eye of Partridge heel which caused me such consternation. Its a square heel, for the record, and I'm not too crazy about it even though it fits. Next time it will either be a round heel or my favorite short row heel.


AlisonH said...

They're beautiful!

Ina said...

Beautiful! And how clever to do them in house colors.