Saturday, September 15, 2007

Warm feet

There is just no substitute for warm feet. Tonight was the "Almost Overnight" for Cub Scouts. Its been cool around here, and its not any warmer up in the mountain where the Scout camp is located. While you can still wear shorts and sandals around the house, clearly that wasn't going to cut it at camp.

Long sleeves and pants were a given - last time the Cub Scouts did this, we were just freezing. I decided that some handknit socks were the way to go; after all, even if it wasn't too cold, at least the wool breathes to adjust. Well, it was the right move. My feet were toasty warm all evening, even after the sun went down. I didn't have to put on a fleecy, although others around me were searching for gloves and hats. I will swear that my warm feet really made all the difference!

My knitting came along - the socks in Terrain Twist. Still working on the foot part in a ribbing pattern, so it doesn't require much attention (p3, k3, p3, k1 - repeat 3 times, then knit plain on the bottom of the foot). Didn't get to do much though - had to go teach the kiddies how to use a pocket knife properly. But tomorrow will be 2 hours of car travel, so I'll get to sit quietly and make progress.

Oh, and my Knit Picks needles came bright and early this morning! Yeah! Already trying them out with the Zephyr for the Secret of the Stole swatch (4's and 5's, but its not clear which one will win yet), and moved the Terrain Twist socks onto the 2.25 needles this evening. They are great - definitely wood and not bamboo (ich!), but I've gotten very used to the slippery surface of the Options, so its going to depend on the yarn. The needle binder is looking pretty full......

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