Thursday, July 31, 2008


Again, with no pictures. I'm feeling lazy.

Its been a totally busy summer so far. I'm making progress on the head coverings for the Bar Mitzvah of DS #1, perhaps not as many as I intended, but they are moving along. I blocked out 14 of them last night (that was all the small plastic bowls we had), and this weekend I'll do the remaining dozen or so. Then, its on to weaving in ends (bad me!) and sewing on combs.

All the dieting and exercising is going well. I'm down 15 pounds!!! 20 more to go to get to the level of the government's chart, but a little at a time. But what is with all the podcasters? Their podcasts are the only way I can get through those 40 minutes of exercise each morning, and they all seem to have gone on vacation at the same time! I don't know what I'll listen to tomorrow morning. So, come on David and Brenda and Marly -- give me some new podcasts to listen to!

Did some knitting up at Boy Scout camp again. Two exciting nights and 3 days of fun in the back woods. Really not so terrible. Those Handsome Devil socks for DFIL are slow going though. Probably only did 1.5 inches in 2 days of constant work. Two-socks-on-one-circ with 4 yarns hanging off just is messy and tangly. I would move it all to dpns, but the dpns in the correct size are being held hostage by the long-neglected Snicket socks. I thought there was a second set of that size floating around, but they must be in some other UFO. And its not like I'm going to finish them by midnight tonight, the deadline to enter the six sox knitalong. Hey, new sock coming out tomorrow!

Tomorrow's quick project is going to be a felted case for my new iPod Nano. In green, of course. Not sure what I'll do for a clip just yet, but I can't seem to find a pre-made case that does what I want it to do, at least at a price I'm willing to pay. That clear vinyl I bought a few years ago is getting some good use.

Maybe those pictures I promised will appear later this week....

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