Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So, lets grab some pictures! Lets see....

This is my finished iPod cover for my lovely little new green nano. Its my daily companion when I exercise. Thankfully, some of those MIA podcasters have come back, so I have something to listen to. I'm a bit bummed - I seem to have plateaued in my weight. So, I've upped my exercise a bit (dang pains go from my ankles to my knees when I walked, I've gone back to the stationary bike for the last 2 days), and cut my food. Being hungry is good, right?

Anyway, now I can see the iPod screen, but have a nice secure hook keeping it attached to me and all. And see how nicely I've learned how to blanket stitch! Thanks, Lisa!

What else should I show you? Hmm. How about the headcovering I made for myself? Don't you just love the swirl? And the shiny white beads and the clear silver lined beads have so much sparkle in real life.

The dress for the Bar Mitzvah is white and shiny silver, with beads around the neck and under the bustline. This should work well, it picks up the colors nicely.

My friend SRZ called this week. He offered to buy me yarn while on vacation, but the shop's online system only had fabric, so I couldn't tell him anything. Its just as well - my yarn and projects-in-my-head are far exceeding my actual ability to knit anything. Anyway, he then told me I still owe him a project - to which I replied, "They are done!" I think I shocked him. Anyway, if he's looking, here's a picture of them still in progress. I think you can get the idea.

Thats enough for now. Keep your eyes here, I've got something good coming, you may want in!

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