Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Okay, I admit it. I'm in a knitting slump, or at least a slowdown. While I've been plugging away on the socks for hubby, they are frustrating - 84 sts, size 1 needles, way too long for each row, and then you don't see any visible progress.

The Rona Shawl has been sitting abandoned for at least 3 weeks. I picked it up today to work on while I pedaled on the exercise bike and couldn't even remember what row I was on. Took a few minutes, but finally figured out it was row 86 -- the first on the page...... very disheartening.

The Moc Croc socks are even more abandoned.

On the other hand, I did get the old iPod that hubby gave me working. Loaded on some knitting podcasts and accomplished a ton of housework yesterday and the day before while listening to some of them. And yesterday I went and bought some yarn at JoAnn's to make a cover for the thing -- the cover hubby gave me is really annoying, you can't get to the stop button quickly when the phone rings. I settled on the Microspun yarn and crocheted it for stability. Problem now -- how do I clip this to my waistband? Does anyone sell clips? Do I buy something inexpensive and use it for parts? I think I'll also sew in some clear vinyl to protect the screen.

Must get out of this slump. Thought about starting a "Curved Shawl" from Victorian Lace Today with this really great boucle-y yarn I picked up at the LYS sale a year ago. But that would mean accepting defeat on the current projects. I think I'll force myself to plug away at the Rona Shawl for now.

There is a Harry Potter sock exchange starting -- might be interesting. A good excuse to go buy sock yarn, right? I'll ponder for a while.

So, here are all the projects OTN:

Yes, that is ball #3 waiting to be used - both socks have run out of yarn and are short by at least 2 inches. REALLY BIG FEET. I know you didn't believe me.....

Oh, FYI, I did just use the reinforcing yarn however it came out. There would never had been enough if I tried to match the stripes.

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