Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tagged: 7 Random Things about me

So, I've been tagged. Rules say I have to tell you all 7 random things about me, then tag 7 more people. I don't know if I know of 7 other blogs to tag..... but I can, at least, tell you about me.

1. I collect craft stuff. Beads, bits of elastic, the inner tubes of paper towel, origami paper.... I just never know when I'll need something. Yes, it is all a mess, but I can't part with any of it.

2. I can knit continental and English. I can also knit backwards, to avoid purling. And, although I am a righty, I can knit & purl lefty (although a bit slowly) and I always teach left-handed people to knit left-handed (unless they are already knitting right-handed successfully). They are always amazed that I can demonstrate how to do it for them.

3. I become obsessed with lost things. It just really, really bugs me, and I have a hard time going to sleep if I know something is missing.

4. I haven't dusted the house in years. Spot cleaned occasionally, but I don't make an all out effort against the dust on a regular basis.

5. My favorite time of year is the spring. Can't you just smell the warm weather on the breeze?

6. My favorite flower is the daffodil. I have them planted all along the driveway and outside the kitchen window so I can see them when they are in bloom.

7. Creative ideas get stuck in my head. There is then no peace until I actually make the item. Hence, my trip to Home Depot yesterday to buy $1 worth of stuff. And a trip to the LYS. Probably cost me twice what I spent for the gasoline.

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Vivian said...

Thank you for indulging me Arlene! I never seem to get around to dusting the house -- there is always cooking, reading, knitting, blogging ... dusting just can't get on the agenda.